Megan White

Director/Sales, White's Hotel & Group Travel

Megan White is one of the Directors of Whites Hotels and Tours, one of Ireland’s oldest Hotel Families. Her family have owned hotels since 1973 and throughout the years have grown what was a small family business into a large hotel & tour company.

Megan has been hands on in the family business from a young age and now has over 10 years’ experience behind her. Starting her career in the lower ranks of the hotel and working hard to become FOH manager and later GM before focusing her time now on the tour side of her business.  Megan believes in true Irish hospitality and a warm welcome for all guests, having travelled the globe she stands firm on the belief that nobody looks after their guests quiet like the Irish.

Megan is currently focused on bringing overseas markets into Ireland, Her tailor made tour gives her clients a real glimpse into Irish life. While in Ireland she is busy quality checking her own and associated hotels, and generating new ideas for the market.